Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Poster Contest

On March 21st, J. Nichols told me about a poster contest held through the 15th of May. I had plenty of time, so I decided to visit the website "urban revison" to be aware of the rules and guidelines. I would soon be starting on my poster.

The contest asked for your vision of the future: "What would our cities and environment look like in the day of tomorrow? What would our cities and environment look like in the year 2050?" When I first read about the poster, I had no idea about what to paint. Still, I knew for a fact that I wouldn't want our world to be polluted, with littered plastic bags and suffocating fuels, but very "eco" and natural, with an image that provided a beautiful clean world with fresh air, trees, and wildlife.

Another suggestion the website asked was to try to create your poster from any recycled objects. Therefore, I decided to make a canvas of brown paper "Safeway" bags that I know would've never been as useful.

I researched about energy that could be our solutions, deciding that that would be a clear part of the poster: "wind power, solar power, hydro power." The poster that I would create would include blue skies, and happy people, with new architecture and transportation, such as solar powered scooters, buildings made of solar panels, and wind power on roofs of houses. When framing my ideas, I finished my poster.

It was a great experience and fortunately, I won! I could've never expected it. Many thanks to J. Nichols who encouraged me, and who recommended this contest to me! Never would've I have thought of what I wanted our earth to look like in the future, but now I can imagine. This has really inspired me and has raised my hopes for a new and "eco" world.

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