Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ocean Facts

Sea Turtle Facts: 
  • Only one out of a thousand baby Sea Turtles survives after hatching.
  • Some Sea Turtles travel up to 1,560 miles (2,600 km) across open ocean.
  • Leatherback Sea Turtles have lived for Millions of years and have stayed unchanged for over 100 million years.
  • Sea Turtles spend their whole life in the ocean except for when they are hatched and when they lay their eggs.
  • Although Sea Turtles Travel all over the World, they always go back to where they were born to lay their eggs.

Blue Whale Facts:
  • The Blue Whale has the largest heart in the world.
  • Blue Whales are not fish, but mammals, that have lungs and nourishes its young with milk.
  • The Blue Whale weighs as much as 2667 people weghing 150Lbs. 
  • The Blue Whale's heart beats once every ten seconds, and can be heard from 2 miles away.
  • Blue Whales have about the same life span as humans- the longest living Blue Whale is thought to have lived to about 110 years old.
  • The Spray from a Blue Whale's blowhole can shoot to about 3 stories high.
  • An infant Blue Whale can grow 9LBs an hour.

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Aquara Belts Comes to Blue Whales

My mom has created a belt business called "Aquara." It's a beautiful line of belts made from Italian leather, and is completely beautiful. Right now, she is designing a special season that includes belts based on the ocean, and animals that live in the ocean. She's picked four animals- Sea Turtles, Blue Whales, Sea Horses, and Dolphins, to base her line on, and give a share of her profits to an organization helping those certain animals. On each of the belts/cuffs, (the line includes cuffs as well) she's going to have a fact about the animal embossed in the leather. 
Recently, she's asked me to look up facts on those animals and find websites with the most reliable facts. Because of school projects, I automatically went to NationalGeographic.com to find facts because I know that there's a lot of reliable information. There, I looked up "Blue Whales" and found a really cool link- It's called "Kingdom of the Blue Whale," and it's extremely interesting. Here it is: 


Check it out!