Thursday, July 17, 2008

2008 Beach Cleanup

On July 5, my mom and I joined a beach cleanup at Davenport Beach. It was a complete mess! There were spent fireworks, clothes, Styrofoam coolers, plastic bags, and more. The beach was filled with garbage and junk that could soon become deadly marine debris.
As many people now know, there is a huge pile of garbage found in the Pacific Ocean. In the last five years, its size has doubled, and now has said to have become two times the size of Texas and 300 feet in height. For years, the current has brought food to this area for the local ocean life. Many animals still visit the site and are unfortunately killed by the "food" that they eat.
Together we must solve this problem by preventing our trash to get there in the first place. We must not litter, and restore our beaches. One way to help is easily by joining beach cleanups or bringing a bag to pack your trash in on a day at the beach. There our so many ways to help the environment, only if we try!

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Estelle--Thanks for cleaning up Davenport Beach! Sometimes it seems overwhelming, but it helps to get out there and clean things up and talk to people. --J.