Thursday, December 18, 2008

From 6th grade:

I recently found an old assignment I'd written last year about the environment. Reading through it, I figured it was relevant as a "greenerdream," considering it includes information about creating a cleaner earth. I wrote it in my P.E. class, in a lesson about "Bottled water." It's called: 

"Saving the Earth, and Helping the Environment"

Saving the earth, helping the environment; it's a hard thing to do. People can do it, we all can help, but the big question is "Do we try?" All I know is we definitely should. Last month, in our phisical education class, our two teachers showed us an article that relates to this topic, about the problem, and how we could solve it. 
Bottled water. This article described our use of bottled water in the world, and what a problem it is. Our teachers gave us time to read this article so that we could learn important facts, for example: less than a quarter of plastic water bottles in the U.S. are recycled each year, or the biggest trash dump in the world is 90% plastic. It's horrible, yet what I've realized is that plastic water bottles are only one of the billions of problems in the world. There is recycling, much more waste falling under the category of POLLUTION, problems such as war and peace, poverty, and many more.
Still, in this world, many are trying to make a difference, and many have. We have made a mess, and now we have to clean it up, for Mother Nature. For the ocean, for living animals and plants, and for ourselves. 

What can you do?
-buy glass

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maybe you can make your classroom plastic free in 2009?