Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bioneers: Reflections.

Hello, this is my second post now at greener dream. Wow, I have so much to say, and so much to think about right now.
Here's why:

This weekend I attended the 2007 Bioneers Confrence in San Rafael, California. For two days, I heard amazing people speak about what they believed in, and how everyone can help. I heard people speak about what they have done for the world, and what the world has done for them.

Filling people's brains with so much awareness, with so much fear, as well as strength and hope, so many people making a change spoke about conceps such as global warming, waste,the rainforests, mother nature and the ocean...and SO MUCH MORE that there is to think about...

Only being there for two of the four days, I know that there is always so much more that one could learn. And only being 11 years old, you can only imagine what kind of feeling I had and still have inside of me being able to see such strong people speak from their hearts about what they have done and what you can accomplish. As a feeling of exploding inspiration rises upon you, I have to say that you can always find something that you can do.

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